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Schoolnow says,

“We’re” listening for a student’s and parent’s voice.

We all recount anecdotes about ourselves. Stories characterize us. To realize somebody well is to know her story—the encounters that have formed her, the preliminaries and defining moments that have tried her. At the point when we need somebody to know us, we share accounts of our childhoods, our families, our school years, the advancement of our political perspectives, etc.

“So what’s your story?” your date guiltlessly inquires. The inquiry appears to be so basic, so superbly curious even. I’ve been asked it on dates, at systems administration occasions and family gatherings. However I happen to discover the inquiry enraging! I feel as though I’m being solicited to perfectly condense the occasions from my life, including my expert life and self- improvement direction, into a couple of effectively absorbable sentences. I’m enticed to snap back, “You need a resume, the URL of my LinkedIn profile or my statement of purpose?” But obviously, this is my concern. The asker is saying, “I’d prefer to realize you better. OK disclose to me somewhat more about yourself?”