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A Visually Impaired Teacher Who Never Lost Sight of His Passion

An exemplary teacher not just teaches the lessons from the textbook but also edify through their life lessons.

Many blind successful people had a firm belief that eyes are not required to have a clear sight of your passion. They all had a vision and allegiance that aided them to upgrade above the limitations.

The differently-abled individuals who have succeeded with their determination are the real inspiration for the pessimistic ones out there. 

Balraj Rawal -An Encouraging Blind Music Teacher

Balraj Rawal, 29, is one of this kind who had sight of his passion. He hails from Moga, Punjab. He was inborn with a visual disability. However, he was three months old when his parents figured out about his being visually impaired.

Initially, Balraj’s family did not approve of his educational needs, although with the support of his mother he started his schooling in 2001 at The Institute for the Blind, Sector 26 Chandigarh. There, he learnt and got exposure to several things but two things that he never failed to mention is mastering Braille and becoming independent.

Balraj was a bright student and was rewarded with the Best Student Award for his academic performance at school. 

Later, He pursued a diploma in Music as he inclines toward this art. Despite visual disability, he did his Masters in Hindi Literature from Punjab University followed by his graduation in Arts.

Alongside his Masters, He tried his luck in the government sector and successfully seized the opportunity of Music Teacher in the Government Primary School, Mullanpur Garibdas (New Chandigarh).

His wife is also visually impaired as well as a music teacher at present in Jalandhar.

Challenges That Come A Blind Person’s Way

Balraj Rawal A Blind Music Teacher

Balraj Rawal gives us a glimpse of the challenges faced by a blind person as he shares his life struggles with us.

In his early years, he was confined to his home as his parents were not aware of special schools. He denied admissions to local schools since they do not have the resources to cater for his educational needs.

Getting admission to a blind school was the turning point of Balraj’s life. Here he learnt to do his things by himself without being dependent on others. Initially, it was quite difficult for him as the blind school was a hive of activity.

Balraj has always been determined that he started giving tuitions as soon as he completed his school to fortify his financial condition. 

When he entered college, he realized searching for a writer is the real struggle. Later, this struggle persists with Balraj throughout his academic growth. Unlike his school, in college, he always needed a writer to attempt the exam that affects his performance, resultantly, his mark sheet witnessed a decline.

College was a whole new world of struggle for Balraj. In the initial days, he tried taking notes in Braille but the hurdle was to match the pace. Then he started recording the lectures. This brilliant mind managed to attain the first division by studying from the recorded lectures.

He has been awarded his degree from Hon’ble Governor of Punjab Shri Vijayender Pal Singh Badnore.

Owes His Success to Supportive Mates and His Passion for Learning

Despite all the challenges, Balraj succeeded in his career for which he gives credit to his parents, friends and teachers. He emphasises that he rose to the challenges because he always had supportive people on his side. 

He is bestowed with boon companions who have always have his back. Be it finding a writer or taking notes or recording he got assistance from batch mates and the teachers that made life quite easier for Balraj.

Balraj Rawal has always been passionate about his career for which he worked hard. He aspires to become an “Assistant Professor”, and cleared UGC-NET (A national Eligibility Test For Assistant Professor & Junior Research Fellow)in 1st attempt.

Balraj believes he has come so far only on account of his politeness and dedication to learn new skills. He craves learning and excelling in something distinct each day.

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